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While living with an inspiring and zany painter Eve Bessendorf, both Sloan and Bessendorf spent many hours in collaboration Sloan trying to get more colorful while Bessendorf got many hours of instruction from Sloan on form. Bessendorf improved with artists anatomy and structure and her portraits went from looking like gummy worm shaped faces to being correctly in proportion ready to be sold to clients. Sloan followed Bessendorf advise to stop blending all the colors together and start making side by side streaks of warm colors contrasting with cold surfaces. A good example of Sloan's work with successful colors you can see on the cover of her book NY Chess Since 1972

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While Sloan's sister Mary Bluestocking was staying in Ithica NY Sloan had to prepare an artwork presentation that was going to be reviewed by the town Sherif and county along with her bid to sell her coffee shop ABC Cafe. Sloan consulted her full time painting buddy Sergio Palacios and he immediately recommended horses and happened to have a book in his studio of horses anatomy. Sloan being trained in sales and working with clients is a firm believer in making money with little time and not wasting resources on stretcher bars banged out the entire series in one evening. They dried in minutes after which Sloan scanned them in and put them into PDF format. The cafe got there copy by email and the cafe sold the next week.

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