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Julia Sloan Teaches Kitty Campbell How To Draw And Paint A Classical Portrait - Part 1: Drawing: Always Remember You Are Beautiful (Sloan Teaches Book Series)


The classical figure and portrait is based on a grid divided into 8 sections of equal size used for both the face as well as the full figure. The grid is used by artists going all the way back to Leonardo da Vinci and his contemporary Michelangelo in the 1400’s. It is most commonly seen today in pencil drawings made by comic book professionals and enthusiasts alike. The grid is also used by portrait artists around the world to make the initial layout of the face before adding in detail and shading through any one of an infinite number of techniques. 

The classical drawing process we are going to cover starts with gathering our supplies off the supplies list, sharpening our pencils, doing warm up exercises, drawing the grid using a drawing mat and a T-square, making photo copies of our finalized grid, laying out the proportions of the face, making a fully developed drawing of the face, laying out the proportions of the figure, and making a fully developed drawing of the figure . A later volume of this work will cover additional techniques such as Chiaroscuro, dry pastel, oil pastel and magic marker.

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