Sloan's Book Press, Peter, Julia & Kitty 

Sloan's Book Press Inc. Books on games, cartones, computadoras and a little history. 


Sloan Teaches Book Series

The Sloan Campbell Aravena family. A family of indie artists taking on the self publishing game.   
































Julia Sloan Teaches How To Draw Various Subject Matter


Kitty Campbell Teaches How To Paint


Drawing Dinosaur Bones With Color Pencil:

Based On A Selection Of Bones From My Local Museum

Sloan Teaches How To Make Perspective Drawings

Based on a selection of sky lines from Manhattan 



2022 awarded a WFM by the International Chess Federation


Playing at the US Womens Open 2022 just days after


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We accept Venmo using the name @SloansBooks business or @MoreChessJulia personal

Donate for my traveling expenses for my chess tournament carear that I will be a player. My annual schedule reads 1. US Masters 2. National Open 3. Foxwoods Open
4. Vegas Chess Festival 5. World Open 6. NYS Championship

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View my professional profile as an IT on

My CompTIA A+ cert as a PDF
My CompTIA Network+ cert as a PDF
My CompTIA IT Operations Specialist cert as a PDF

A law firm that helped me polish my credentials
after my Bachelors of Fine Arts
Not just a law firm but a chance to become an associate of a firm.

My last campaign which was pre COVID-19 at the Femenina Continental Ajedrez21 Tourneo

Final results show me mid field. Everyone else playing displayed there full name and surname, two for 1st, 2 more for last,
it was the conclusion of a high vote that I resume with the last name 'Aravena', add in my wifes 'Campbell' for the reason

Over 10 years working on our position as ‘Content Providers’ at Amazon and for the last year or 2 as ‘Product Testers’ for Amazon’s remote control ‘Echo’ product line.

Sloan's Book Press Inc.

A small business based out of the indie NY art and design scene. 



Peter Julius Sloan, Creator and founder

 Julia Elizabeth Sloan, Creator and chess player

Kitty Campbell, Co-artist and partner of Julia


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